Sunday, 7 June 2009

Twitter Traffic Machine Review? Is Twitter Traffic Machine A Scam?

As we said in how to make money with twitter, if you can get a lot of followers, you got the key to make money with twitter. Twitter Traffic Machine is recognized as a software that will get you targeted followers automatically.

Its two features:

1. it can run automatically, once you set it up, you can leave it behind and let her create money for you.

2. it's said to be proved that can get 16,000 followers just in 90 days!

Just too good to be true, but how can I know If twitter traffic machine is a scam or not?

Many products are scams because they made fake data of income or fake testimonials. So I did some research about it.

Here I found the owner's twitter data:

Unbelievable. Then I checked his twitter page. 40209 followers right now!

His page is really hot because you can see a lot of people commenting on his page EVERY HOUR.

And here is his video show

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How To Make Money With Twitter

Now we know twitter has a great potential to attract visitors, see my last post:
now the question is: how to make money with twitter? Here is the way:

You can make money from advertisers by adding ads on your page.

First a little introduction about how the whole system works:

Advertisers who want to promote products, say, szpte make easy money online package, they would build up such a campaign and offer messages like: Order szpte make easy money online, find the easy way to make money online! and keywords like easy money to make, make easy money online.

They would choose which twitters matched well, if they find a twitter about make easy money online, this would become their choice.

The costs are counted related to the followers and hotness of the keywords.
Ads will be mixed into the contents of the twitters, there are several kinds such as one ad, 5 tweets

Top 25 social networks: An amazing finding about twitter

Now we list the top 25 social networks that re-ranked recently, these sites are ranked by unique visits, monthly visits.
Now you can see: twitter jumps from 22 to 3, only in one year, it increased its rankings at an amazing speed.
Do you want to monetise this great chance?
With so many visitors, you can do everything you want, just need some tips to change the traffic to your followers and change the followers to your targeted people.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

How to do social network markeing?

Now you have known something about Internet marketing strategies, now we will move on to talk about social network marketing.
Why social network marketing effective?Social network marketing is a marketing strategy that not everyone get familiar with. Email marketing is recognized as an effective way to get targeted traffic several years ago. Now if you find an email promoting some products, the first reaction is to throw that email away. Social media like facebook or twitter have become more and more effective nowadays. It have been proved the social network followers are more loyal and more active responders; it's also a quicker way to get a quicker result than email marketing. But many businessman neglected this because they only concentrate on the traditional way of Internet marketing. How to do social network marketing?
Here are some tips:
Write original articles and be creative with your page because you don't want to follow a person's page if they are all copied an pasted.Find a niche you are interested or familiar with. If you hate meat, then you would have no patience to read a book about meat even that was only hundreds of words. But if you are reading some books about your hobby, then you will always think time went too fast. The same thing with the niche, if you want to stick to it for a quite a long time, choose something that interests you rather than having potential to make money.
Be always polite to the others, show your opinions just like your readers are your good friends. Gradually they would treat you as their friend and trust every word of you.
Try to help the others before you want to promote anything. This is the the most important part because if you want to promote to them some product, you will have less patience and would think less for your readers, thus they will know you are just want to promote to them, they would leave you at last.
It's also a good idea to outsource the social network marketing to the others but why don't you want a try. It's fun and you can see the result quite easily because this marketing strategy is still not saturated.

How to choose Internet Marketing Strategies

If you want to make money online, you need marketing strategies in effect. Now I'll tell you some strategies that you can follow to make money online.
There are quite a lot of Internet marketing strategies, but since the world is changing so fast, so does the Internet marketing strategies accordingly. Every step of marketing is not complex, what's so difference from the losers and successful online businessman is what marketing strategies you choose.
Always learn, you can join into some forums or message boards that relate to the Internet marketing strategies to learn from the others. Communicate with them.
Choose the one that most fit your business. There are a lot of marketing strategies but you can't put all the eggs into one basket. For example, you can concentrate on article marketing if you can write well.
The development of Internet marketing has made the whole business updated to a new direction. The key element that added is social network marketing. We will discuss about social network marketing later and will especially focus on twitter marketing strategies.